Perlite is a natural mineral that is often used to make insulation. Perlite has high thermal conductivity and low bulk density, which makes it an ideal material for hot insulators such as spark plugs, wire housing, and plastic parts in motor vehicles.

HK Group manufactures perlite pellets with different surface textures and densities to meet the specific needs of customers in the electrical, automotive, aerospace/defense, and construction industries.


What is a Perlite?

It's a natural insulator that insulates walls and other buildings, improving their thermal performance. Perlite is an inert material, which means it does not react chemically with its surroundings. It has a high moisture absorption and release capability and is simple to install.

Perlite is a naturally occurring material that has been mined for thousands of years and is used in heat insulation. It is commonly used as a light source, natural insulator, and thermal barrier.

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