Aluminium & FSK Tape

Aluminium & FSK Tape

HK Group offers an aluminum tape with a high-quality printing design that is sure to make a statement. The bright and bold colors are perfect for all types of branding, and the high-quality print will last through many tough blemishes. Additionally, this aluminum tape has a strong adhesive that will hold your flyers and poster graphics securely in place, no matter how active the environment.

Product Features

  • highly visible prints that last
  • Adhesive holds posters and flyers in place
  • Bright and bold colors make it perfect for branding
Aluminium and FSK Tape

Aluminium Adhesive Tape Roll

Self-adhesive aluminum foil tape is used to seal joints on aluminum foil-backed insulation to produce a vapor barrier system.


Aluminium foil tape backed with bulty adhesive.

Standard Size

  • Standard Size : Width 0.025mm
  • Standard Width: 50mm, 75mm & 100 mm

Physical Properties

  • Temprature limit:80°C
  • Combustibility: B1-Din4102

Supply Units/Packaging

Standard Supply: 100 m/Roll Packing: in cartons as follow Width: 50 mm :72 rolls carton Width:75 mm :44rolls carton Width 100mm :36rolls cartoon

Use - Application

- Surfaces shall be free from moisture,oil grease and all foreign matter prior to application.
- Sealing of joints to create a vapour barrier systems