Insulation Anchors

Insulation Anchors

Insulation anchors are hollow plastic cylinders that can be screwed into the wall of a new or existing home to produce a strong and secure point of attachment for insulation and cladding.

Insulation Anchors

Insulation Anchors Used for?

Insulation Anchors are frequently used in the manufacture of removable or reusable blankets, and GLT Products offers a wide range of anchors. These anchors are used to secure insulation to a surface and are seen below. Several of our Insulation Anchors are available in Plated Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel.

These reusable plastic anchors are ideal for attaching insulation to studs and joists. They are screwed and clipped to the walls and can be reused numerous times.

Insulation anchors are put into the wall or ceiling to anchor or hold insulation in place. They are intended to provide a mechanism for securing insulation so that it does not move, shift, or fall out.

Insulation anchors are the most effective method of installing new insulation in your home. They are the ideal option for a quick and easy installation. They are the perfect option for anyone looking to save money while also having a quick, straightforward, and safe installation.