Ceramic Fiber Blankets

Ceramic Fiber Blankets

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of ceramic fiber blankets. Ceramic fiber is suited for usage in temperatures ranging between 1260 and 1425 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic Fiber Blankets

Both blankets are highly resistant to most chemicals. Thermal and physical qualities are entirely recovered after being moistened by oil or water.

HK Group blankets are made from pure raw materials utilizing cutting-edge production technologies. Besides improved thermal qualities, huge nuisance dust particles have been effectively eradicated, making the product soft to the touch and less annoying to use.

The HK Group Blanket is comprised of long fibers with the same chemical makeup as the original and well-proven 607 fiber product. It is available in a variety of thicknesses and densities. It has excellent insulating characteristics at high temperatures.

The blanket has high thermal stability and preserves its soft fiber structure up to its maximum temperature for continuous use. The HK Group blanket is needed on both sides and has a high strength before and after heating.

Availability for all grades

  • Density (kg/m3): 64, 96, 128
  • Thickness (mm): 6, 12, 20, 25, 50
  • Roll Dimension: 7300 / 7620 x 6100 mm Other sizes available on request.


  • Outstanding thermal insulating performance when compared to industry standards
  • Low heat storage
  • Thermal stability
  • Free of binder or lubricant
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Good resistance to tearing


  • Power generation especiallyHRSG duct insulation
  • Chimney insulation
  • Process heater linings
  • Pipe wrap
  • Annealing furnace linings
  • Furnace and kiln back-up insulation
  • Storage heater insulation
  • Domestic oven insulation
  • Automotive exhaust heat shields
  • Aluminium transfer launder covers
  • Welding stress relief

We have a large selection of insulation and construction products. We can undoubtedly assist you in meeting your requirements.