Fiber Glass

Fiber Glass

This fiberglass insulation is ideal for use in high-risk environments, such as wood stoves. Not only is it flame-resistant, but it can also be recycled.

The use of fiberglass in a hot insulation product is a revolutionary innovation with numerous advantages. The product can be utilized in a variety of settings, including the roof of a building, the floor of a building, the walls of a building, and the ceiling of a structure. It can also be used to make insulation for homes, cars, and even appliances. Unlike other insulation materials, the product is lightweight and not limited to a single use. It is also recyclable.

Fiber Glass

What is a Fiber Glass Insulation?

Fiberglass acts as an insulator, slowing the transfer of heat, cold, and sound in buildings. This is accomplished by the material trapping pockets of air, which keeps rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The capability of an insulating material's resistance to heat flow is measured in R-Value. That is, the higher the R-value, the stronger the material's insulating power.

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