Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate

HK Group is one of the top manufacturers of calcium silicate insulation and other thermal protection products for the construction and industrial markets. Calcium silicate insulation, also known as silica gel, is an excellent choice for exterior or interior thermal protection because it is an effective, low-cost insulation that resists moisture and mold growth.

Calcium silicate is an insulating material made by reacting calcium silicate powder with high-pressure heat and combining it with inorganic fiber. It is a non-asbestos, high-performance insulating material designed to provide excellent thermal and heat-resistant insulation for heated piping systems, equipment, and process vessels used in power plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, heat distribution systems, and other process industries.

Calcium Silicate


  • It is a high-temperature, abuse-resistant calcium silicate pipe with block insulation that is pre-formed.
  • It has great structural strength and can be used on operating systems with temperatures up to 1200 °F (650 °C).
  • It is formed of hydrous calcium silicate and XOX, a patented composition and technique that prevents corrosion on the exterior surfaces of pipes and equipment.
  • It is inorganic, noncombustible, and asbestos-free, and it meets or surpasses ASTM C533's physical and thermal property criteria.

Calcium silicate is manufactured from a slurry of amorphous silica, lime, reinforcing fibers, and other additives combined with water in a batch-mixing tank. This slurry is piped to the preheater, where it is swiftly heated to boiling and placed into molds. After a few minutes, the substance is removed as a moist and fragile solid. These pieces are placed in an incubator (a type of steam pressure cooker) for many hours when the chemical reaction to form calcium silicate occurs. The pieces are subsequently placed in a drying oven. After drying, the pieces are cut, slit into two or more pieces, and packaged. The method consumes less energy because the highest temperature reached is just about 380 °F.

The cured, molded insulation material is essentially a crystalline structure with more air space than solid space (greater than 90 percent air). Calcium silicate's insulating properties are due to millions of microscopic air voids separated by low-thermal-conductivity crystalline walls. Because it allows very little infrared radiation to flow through it, it is an effective high-temperature insulating material.

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