Expanded Springs

Expanded Springs

Due to our massive industry proficiency and skilled crew of professionals, we have been able to provide a world-class assortment of expanded springs to our customers. Precisely designed and manufactured, the entire assortment conforms to the set quality norms of the global market. Along with this, these products are available with us in many sizes to meet the requirements and requisites of our patrons.

Expanded Springs

Expansion Springs

Expansion springs are constructed of 300-series stainless steel. As a result, they can survive a wide range of weather, environmental, and job-site conditions. Expansion springs are used to secure insulation on equipment, vessels, and tanks that are subject to expansion and contraction.


Stainless Stell Grade 304

Standard Size

Expansion Spring comes in 2" Spring and 4" Spring

Physical Properties

4" Springs •stretch 1/2" When installing • Maximum expansion -2 1/2 times its length. 2" Spring •stretch 1/4" When installing • Maximum expansion - 1 1/4 times its length

Supply Units/Packaging

Standard packing of 50 to 100 Pcs per Bag

Use - Application

Strapping is secured to the spring by putting the strapping through the open loop on the side of springs and then securing it with a wing

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