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Aluminium Polysurlyn coil suppliers

Hk Group is one of India's top Distributors of Aluminium polysurlyn coil. Here is a brief understanding of the Aluminium polysurlyn coil.

Polysurlyn, the moisture barrier (PSMB), is an extremely thick, three-layer film fabricated by laminating the film onto the aluminum sheet using an application involving pressure and heat. Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier provides outstanding resistance to moisture and is exceptionally resistant to abrasions when installed. Polysurlyn is a very efficient solution since it doesn't have perforation and is a multilayer material with a low water vapor transmission rate and low water absorption. It is also tough and scratch resistant, and highly sinewy.

What Is Aluminium Polysurlyn Coil?

This is mainly used for Moisture barrier, there are two types of moisture barriers,

  1. Polysurlyn
  2. polysurlyn

The coating can be applied on the aluminium coil using a unique process that involves glueing the polyethylene film onto the coil's surface, after which it is bonded by it to the film of polyethylene. The final composite material is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and damage, which makes it suitable for use in extreme environments like chemical processing facilities, offshore drilling platforms, and food processing facilities.

Aluminium polysurlyn coils can help aluminium coils perform lengthier and require fewer repairs and maintenance treatments. Moreover, it provides an inexpensive and reliable choice for insulating and shielding aluminium coils.

Three film layers comprise Poly-Surlyn to ensure each layer performs best. This membrane has multiple layers and is pressed into the still aluminium and stainless steel using precision in the temperature and pressure layers. With a thickness of 3 mils, this three-layer surly-layer water-barrier (PSMB) membrane eliminates the pinhole present in the conventional one-dense ear layer.

Advantages Of Aluminium Polysurlyn Coil

  • Resilience to chemicals and moisture:
    The coating of polysurlyn provides an effective barrier to water and chemical damage, preventing corrosion and other types of degradation.
  • Protective Mechanism
    The film made of polyethylene provides extra protection from mechanical damage while reducing the possibility of dents, scratches, and other types of wear and tear.
  • Resilience
    Even in challenging situations where other materials would deteriorate or fail, the aluminium polysurlyn coil is extraordinarily resilient and long-lasting.
  • Lucrative
    In comparison to other types of insulation, aluminium polysurlyn coils are relatively affordable and, therefore, a good choice for builders with a tight budget or facility management.
  • installation simplicity
    Installing insulation takes less time and effort because the coils are lightweight and straightforward to set up.
  • Friendly to the environment
    Aluminum is a material that is easily recycled, and using polysurlyn coating can lessen the need for additional upkeep and repair, resulting in even less waste and a minor environmental impact.

Types Of Aluminium Polysuryln Coil

There are two types of Aluminium polysurlyn coil.

The Standard aluminium polysurlyn coil is a type of coil consisting of an aluminum sheet laminated with a layer of HDPE (HDPE), also known as low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) film, and an additional layer of surlyn film. It is extensively used in construction to shield and protect aluminium tanks, pipes, and ducts.

Stucco embossed aluminium polysurlyn coil surface is embossed with a stucco pattern, which improves its mechanical characteristics and offers more outstanding adhesion to coatings and other materials. It is frequently used in applications that call for increased durability and resilience to wear and strain, such as the transportation and marine industries.

Both kinds of aluminium polysurlyn coils provide superior protection from chemicals, moisture, or mechanical attack, which makes them suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. The particular requirements and needs of the specific application and other factors such as price, durability, and installation ease will determine the decision on which one to select.

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How Aluminium Polysurlyn Coil Is Produced

Depending on the product characteristics, the precise production procedure could change. The fundamental techniques for producing an aluminum polysurlyn coil don't change.

  • Making the coils:
    The aluminium coils have been cleaned. They are then pre-treated to eliminate any impurities or contaminants that might hinder the adhesion of the polysurlyn coating.
  • Polyethylene film application
    A specific adhesive bonds a layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethene (LDPE) film onto the aluminum coil's surface.
  • Surlyn film application
    Surlyn film is then attached to the outside of the polyethylene film by using a heated roller.
  • Embellishing stucco (optional)
    In the case of stucco-embossed polysurlyn, The coil is passed over an array of rollers that stamp a stucco design onto the surface.
  • Cutting and packaging
    The completed coil is sized, and then packaged for shipping.

What Is The Purpose Of An Aluminium Polysurlyn Coil?

Aluminium Polysurlyn coil suppliers in Jammu and kashmir

The aluminium polysurlyn coil is an insulation to shield aluminium coils from water, mechanical damage, and chemical abuse.

Aluminium polysurlyn coils are utilized to insulate the aluminium ducts, fittings, and pipes in HVAC systems. It helps enhance energy efficiency and lower the possibility of corrosion and condensation.

In food processing facilities where exposure to moisture and chemicals can cause corrosion and contamination, this is frequently used to insulate aluminium tanks, piping, and equipment.

Aluminium tanks and pipes in chemical processing plants are covered with aluminium polysurlyn coil because exposure to harsh chemicals can cause corrosion and degradation.

This material is employed to insulate aluminium structures and equipment in maritime and offshore areas, where exposure to seawater, moisture, and extreme weather conditions can cause deterioration and damage.

Aluminium polysurlyn coils insulate aluminium walls, roofs, and floors in transport vehicles, such as buses, trains, and trucks. Insulation is essential to control temperature and energy efficiency.

Aluminum Coil Vs Copper Coil

When comparing aluminium and copper, these are the most commonly used materials for making coils. Aluminium and copper have unique specifications that make them suitable for specific applications.

Compared to copper, aluminium coils are lighter and more flexible, making them simpler to handle and install. Besides that, they have strong thermal conductivity, which enables quick and effective heat transfer. Therefore, they are perfect for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. A cost-effective solution for specific applications, aluminium coils are also less expensive than copper coils.

The copper coils, however contrary, are more rugged than aluminium coils and can withstand higher pressures and temperatures. They also have higher electric conductivity than aluminium, which makes them the ideal choice for jobs that require high conductivity, like electrical wiring.

Additionally, copper coils tend to be less corrosion-resistant than aluminium wire. This could make them a better option for outdoor use and in areas with extreme humidity or salt exposure.

The exact application and the necessary qualities will determine whether copper or aluminium coils should be used. While copper coils are more resilient, have superior electrical conductivity, and are less corrosion-resistant, aluminium rings are lighter, more flexible, and less expensive.

What Substance Is Used To Make An Aluminum Polysurlyn Coil?


A lightweight, strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable metal widely used in various commercial and industrial applications is the main component of the coil.

Polyethylene film

A specific solution bonds a layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film onto the aluminum coil's surface. The polyethylene film offers additional protection against moisture and other external variables.

Surlyn film

This is attached to the outside of the polyethylene film with a heated roller. Surlyn film offers another layer of security from the effects of scraping, synthetic damage, and impact.

In various industrial and commercial applications, combining these materials offers an efficient and long-lasting solution for the insulation and protection of aluminum coils.

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To summarise, aluminum polysurlyn coil is a top-notch, long-lasting insulating material frequently used in various industrial and commercial applications. It helps to increase energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs while offering excellent protection against moisture, chemical deterioration, and mechanical abuse.

Aluminum polysurlyn coils are made by laminating a thin layer of low-density or high-density polyethylene film on the surface of an aluminum coil, then joining the grumpy to the film of polyethylene. Combining these materials offers an efficient and long-lasting solution to protect and insulate aluminum coils for various commercial and industrial applications.

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