Aluzinc Steel

Aluzinc Steel

Aluzinc steel cladding has been used for many years and is a reliable and long-lasting material. This steel cladding is comprised of aluminum and zinc, which gives it a gleaming appearance and long-lasting toughness. It is extremely durable and simple to install. This product is an excellent choice for cladding the exterior of buildings and may also be used to clad the interior of buildings.

Aluzinc steel cladding is a type of steel cladding that is ideal for generating a modern, contemporary appearance. This cladding is long-lasting and rust-proof, making it suitable for usage on a range of surfaces.

Aluzinc Steel

Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated steel sheets and coils according to ASTM A792, lock forming quality, regular spangle, organic coating.

Composition of coated layers

  • Grade 31000/19000
  • Aluminum: 55%
  • Zinc: 43.4 %
  • Silicon: 1.6%

Standard Size

Coating weight: 180 g/m2

Stainless Steel cladding available in 304, 304 L, 316 & 316 L Grade