Aluminized Steel, Type 1 & Type 2

Aluminized Steel, Type 1 & Type 2

Aluminized Steel Type 1

Aluminized steel is a steel cladding that has aluminum-coated steel wire strands inserted in it, giving it a glossy, reflective surface. It is used to make steel more apparent from a distance in the construction of skyscrapers, bridges, and other structures.

Aluminized steel Type 1 cladding is a high-quality material that has a smooth finish and is resistant to rust. It is a common choice for protecting exterior walls and structures from the intrusion of water, heat, fire, and air.

Aluminized Steel Type 1 confirming to BS 1449 part 1 Grade CR4, equivalent to a coating weight of 240-270 g/m2 of Aluminum or Aluminum silicon alloy with polyester resin coating, exposed side with 17 microns (2 coats) & back side with 5 micron polyester resin coating.

Aluminized Steel, Type 1 & Type 2

Aluminized Steel Type 2

Aluminized steel is a metal product with an aluminum protective layer coated on the outside. This metal is mostly used in building construction, particularly on the building's exterior. Aluminized steel can defend against moisture, corrosion, and heat.

Aluminized steel Type 2 cladding is corrosion-resistant steel that has been coated with aluminum. The aluminum coating protects the steel from the weather while also adding a beautiful aspect to it. The product is lightweight but strong and long-lasting.

Aluminized Steel Type 2 according to ASTM A/463/A 463M-97 T2 300 equivalent to a coating weight of 300 g/m2 of pure Aluminum.