Stainless Steel with Moisture Barrier

Stainless Steel with Moisture Barrier

Looking for a durable, long-lasting Stainless Steel jacket that's also moisture-resistant? Look no further than HK Enterprises—our Stainless Steel jacket with a moisture barrier is perfect for protecting your valuable equipment from the wet and the cold. Our stainless steel jacket is also easy to clean, so you can keep your equipment looking pristine all year long.

The stainless steel structure ensures that the container is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and leak-proof. Food will not collect scents or flavors because of the moisture barrier. The container's outside is not sticky, and the flat surface makes cleaning simple.

Stainless Steel with Moisture Barrier

Stainless Stell Roll Jacketing with Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier

Stainless steel sheets in roll form with Polysurlyn moisture are made from 304/316 series stainless steel and conform to ASTM A-240 standards. The interior of this product is lined with a 3-millimeter-thick co-extruded polysulfone and polyethylene moisture retarder. This film is laminated to the stainless steel sheet by a process of heat and pressure. The exterior surface of Polysurlyn Stainless Steel is a bare mill finish.

Standard Size

Diameter : 0.40 to 0.80mm and other sizes on request.

Physical Properties

  • T-304 Stainless Steel 2550° F - 2650° F 1399°C - 1454° C
  • T-316 Stainless Steel2500° F - 2550° F 1371° C -1399°

Supply Units/Packaging

Supply Units/Packaging Standard supply In Rolls form 30m2 to 200m2 Sheet in sizes of : 4x8 or 5x10

Use - Application

Stainless Steel moisture barrier is recommended for insulated piping, tanks and vessels less then 8 feet in diameter.It can also be used in areas where high temperatures are or could be an issue